Tour a cinnamon plantation, have hands on experience with the cinnamon production process, and learn something of the history of cinnamon in Sri Lanka. Then learn about cooking rice and curry with Ashan (or chill in the garden), before sitting at the table and enjoying a hearty lunch!

Ashan also offers surfing lessons at S K Town (between Dondra and Matara), Hirikitiya and elsewhere.  Whether in the kitchen or on the waves, he's a great teacher!

As well as our cinnamon tour/experience, we have added surfing lessons to our offer.

Shikra Cinnamon & Surfing


A shikra is a small bird of prey that lives and hunts in wooded areas.  It is pretty similar to a goshawk.  Shikras nest here, and have given the name to the house.  This sits in 4 acres, about half of which is covered in cinnamon.  The rest is mostly garden, with a jungle area to encourage wildlife.



Cinnamon the spice is the peeled bark of the cinnamon tree.  It has a long history in trade, exploration and empire building, and is an important ingredient in perfumes and cooking.



Modern surfing is thought to have started in Hawaii.  It has been popular in the East of Sri Lanka for some time, but is relatively new as an attraction along the south coast.  But boy, hasn't it boomed in popularity over the past 10 plus years!